Yacht Charter Weddings and Honeymoons Virgin Islands

Are you looking for a unforgettable scenario for your wedding? Do you want to spend the most important day of your life in picturesque scenery? Or you are just married, young couple who are looking for the greatest adventure of all time? If you look for such experience, choose the yacht charter on Virgin Islands!

Wedding in paradise

If you are about to live the most important day of your life and you wish it to be the most unique and perfect experience, don’t waste your time and plan your wedding ceremony on the yacht. There is such option while choosing a proper yacht charter. You can rent a big, luxury, crewed boat with enough room for your guests. You can also organize everything from the ceremony, to catering and the party with DJ playing music on the deck of your yacht. Than you can take your guests on the trip around the paradise – Virgin Islands.

The best honeymoon on the planet

If you are just after the wedding and you are planning the voyage of your life, Virgin Islands is the perfect destination. Yacht charter for honeymoons in this area is a popular option for young couples. There are almost 60 islands, most of them sparsely populated, waiting to be discovered by young sailors. You can travel to The Baths of Virgin Gorda, with its impressive collection of granite boulders or the Devil’s Bay that can be reached by climbing these boulders. When you want to chill out and rest, you can do it on one of the golden, sandy beaches and then jump into the azure and sparkling waters surrounding the islands.

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