Charter a Yacht in Greece and Sail Around the Greek Islands

Greece is a beautiful and colorful country with very warm-hearted and open-minded people. The trip to this unique, southern country is not only looking at breathtaking landscapes, but also tasting delicious local cuisine and getting to know the rich cultural heritage. If you would like to live an ultimate sailing experience, choose a yacht charter around the amazing Greek islands.

Cyclades Islands

If you are looking for a traditional Greek experience rent a yacht in the Cyclades Islands. This archipelago takes its name from the fact, that all the islands form a big circle. There are some key locations that you will have to visit during your trip such as:

  • Mykonos with its world-famous windmills

  • Paros where you can taste local wine and cuisine

  • Volcanic island Santorini

  • Capital of the Cyclades – Syros

During your yacht trip you will admire the classic white-and-blue houses along the coast, sparkling waters and sandy, paradise-like beaches.

Ionian Islands

This archipelago is not the area that can be immediately associated with Greek culture. You won’t see any white houses with blue-tiled roofs and other characteristic elements of typical Greek architecture. The reason for this is that these Islands were under Venetian government for a significant period of time and their influence can be seen everywhere. When you will choose a yacht charter around these islands you will have the chance to admire the picturesque coastlines of Zakynthos, Corfu and Cephalonia with their beautiful bays and azure waters.

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