Cruising in the BVI: 7 Day Itinerary

The Caribbean region is simply created for island hopping adventures. So if you are planning to spend your vacation in the Caribbean, the best way to explore it will be by chartered yacht. It will give you a chance to discover the most of it, without being dependent on fixed schedules of cruise ships or spending hours at the airports to get from one island to another.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Today, I will present you a 7 day cruising itinerary in the BVI:

Tortola – Cooper Island – Salt Island – Peter Island – Norman Island – Tortola

Day 1

Charter a yacht in Road Town, the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Spend the rest of the day in this wonderful place; go sightseeing and hiking. I really recommend you visit the wonderful hilltop restaurant called Skyworld, ask for the window table and admire the amazing view.

Day 2

In the morning, visit the spectacular J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens situated in the city center and then sail east along Tortola’s coastline to the scenic Parham Town. Rent a car and explore what else Tortola has to offer. If you are a hiking fan, you cannot omit Sage Mountain National Park. Spend an evening relaxing on the beach; you can organize a picnic if you want.

Day 3

Set off early and visit the marvelous Cooper Island, where you can anchor at the scenic Manchioneel Bay. Have a lunch in the seafront restaurant and spend the rest of the day sunbathing and snorkeling near Cistern Point. It will give you an opportunity to discover an extremely rich aquatic environment of this part of the Caribbean Sea.

Day 4

Sail to the neighboring Salt Island   and explore the wonderful shipwreck diving site –  RMS Rhone. The ship sunk in 1897 during a hurricane. Anchor for the night on the scenic Peter Island.

Day 5

Have a relaxing morning on Peter Island, spend some time on the beach and eat lunch at one of its great local restaurants, such as Deadman’s Beach Bar. Anchor for the night near one of the lovely quiet beaches of the neighboring Dead Chest Island.

Day 6

Start the day with sailing to Norman Island, where you can find many magnificent snorkel sights, such as the Caves, the Indians or the Aquarium. In the afternoon, sail back to Tortola and anchor in a buzzing Soper’s Hole Marina. Spend an evening partying in one of the local bars. I especially recommend Willy T’s, which is located aboard a floating ship.

Day 7

Have a refreshing morning swim and sail back to Road Town to return your chartered boat.

Voyage 600

VOYAGE 600 represents the highest standards in terms of naval design and thus Voyage hails it as its flagship model.

With an impressive length of 18.23 m. and beam of 9.33 m. it offers you maximum safety and stability in all weather conditions. Its stylish design and spatial cabins give you a feeling as if you were spending your holiday on a floating mansion.

In general, Voyage Yachts is a widely-appreciated family-owned manufacturer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since 1994, their boats have been produced with great attention to details. All of them can be characterized by easy handling and excellent performance. If you are looking for a boat which is smaller than aforementioned Voyage 600, check out Voyage 520 or Voyage 480.

Voyage 600 is however the most impressive yacht that has ever left their shipyard. Besides the newest technological advancements, it offers you maximum comfort of living aboard, whether it is below deck, main level or upper deck. The living room along with the ultra-elegant and fully-equipped kitchen are extremely spacious and elegant, a perfect place for socializing and dining. Moreover, the large windows let a lot of natural light, which makes this area even cozier. The bedrooms of Voyage 600 are air-conditioned to provide you with maximum sleeping quality. Outside, you will find a large sunbathing area.

Voyage 600 is an exceptional catamaran, which combines comfort, elegance and highest quality of sailing. The charter of this nautical wonder is available in the Caribbean, so if you are planning an exotic cruise, you should really consider this one. Although a rental of Voyage 600 is rather pricey for a couple, you can invite onboard a large group of friends (up to 12 people in a 6-cabin version of Voyage 600 Off the Grid) and share the expanses. It will make the charter affordable, especially for the boat of THIS quality.

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Bavaria Yachtbau


German Bavaria has been producing its yachts since 1978 and it offers you a wide range of sailing yachts, motor boats and sailing catamarans. Established by Winfried Hermann and Josef Meltl, Bavaria Yachtbau has quickly achieved a status of one of the most appreciated and largest shipyards in Europe. It is also considered to be most modern in Germany. Their creations are particularly famous for an exceptional quality and safety, and what is important, all of it comes along with unbeatable prices. Bavaria uses the most innovative technologies to build their cats and improves its project every single year. Moreover, the company offers you very advanced system of customization – each model can be adjusted to your personal needs, even these most sophisticated.

PURA VIDA-yacht-charter-Caribbean-id933418

The line of Bavaria cats is called Nautitech – you should especially check the most recent ones: Nautitech 46 Open, Nautitech 46 Fly, Nautitech 541 and Nautitech 542 all of them are extremely luxury and comfortable. The most popular charter model is probably Nautitech 40 Open designed in collaboration with well-known Marc Lombard  and praised for its elegance, excellent performance and functionality.  For example, it is available.

Bavaria is also famous for its monohulls, the CRUISER line. They come in all sizes, from a perfect boat for a couple, CRUISER 33 or CRUISER 34 to large yachts for up to 10 or 12 people, such as CRUISER 55 or CRUISER 56. The cruisers are built in collaboration with notable naval designers and architects to give you not only comfort and visual pleasure but also safety and astonishing performance and stability in all weather conditions.

To sum up, Bavaria Yachts belongs to the narrow circle of the most reliable shipyards in the world. Choosing its boat, you are guaranteed with safety, comfort and wonderful performance. Moreover, all of it is offered at a reasonable price.

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Fountaine Pajot

In the next few post I would like to introduce you major brands of cruising catamarans. Becoming familiar with the leading shipyards can help you make a right choice if you are planning to buy or charter one.

Today I will present a French company – Fountaine Pajot.

Although the company’s origins reach 1976, its first sail cruising catamaran was released in 1983. Now, Fountaine Pajot produces both sail catamarans and power catamarans, which are extremely popular among sailors around the world.LE VILLI-yacht-charter-Caribbean-id979729

Fountaine Pajot’s cats are built with great attention to detail, which makes them infallible, safe and ultra-comfortable. They can be distinguished by perfect stability even on high waves; and moreover, they are easy to maneuver due to its dual engines and great steering’s location. Saloons in majority of models possess panoramic windows to provide you with spectacular view and a lot of natural light. You can spend your time cooking, relaxing or hanging out with your crew and have a breathtaking 360° panoramic view. Cabins in Fountaine Pajot catamarans are extremely comfortable, intimate and functional to give you a perfect sleeping place. You can be sure that living aboard any of Fountaine Pajot boat will be idyllic and satisfactory wherever you will take it. What is more, MAGEC-yacht-charter-Mediterranean-id32695 -yachtooyou each catamaran produced by this French innovator is available in ECO CONCEPT variant so you can take care of our planet while having a cruising vacation.

The most popular among Fountaine Pajot catamarans are: Helia 44 Evolution, Lucia 40 as well as strikingly sophisticated Saba 50 and Victoria 67.

If you are planning to buy or charter a luxury catamaran, you should consider Fountaine Pajot. Its high quality and elegant design will not disappoint you.

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Planning a Caribbean Yacht Charter

Caribbean yacht charter should be the adventure of your life and that is why you have to plan this yacht charter with every details. You can choose sailing yacht (monohull or catamaran) or a motor yacht with crew and captain or without if you have license. You can Cheap Jerseys from china choose Caribbean yacht charters which cruising the USVI’s (the US Virgin Islands) or the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations like the Spanish Virgins, the Grenadines, cheap oakleys sunglasses St. Martin, Antigua and the Bahamas. There is a variety of cruising grounds from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean so everyone can find something for cheap nhl jerseys himself. Caribbean is composed from common known islands like St Martin, St Lucia, Martinique, Grenada, Dominica, St Vincent & The Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, British | Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua ray ban sunglasses and Barbuda. Most yacht charters take in several Caribbean islands as a round trip or one way cruise.

Caribbean offers paradise with beaches, islands and anchorages. You can use free time for relax, swimming, diving, fishing Cheap Jerseys or just admire the nature which is unique in the world. Caribbean it is perfect place for sailing yacht charter for everyone. You can enjoy here blue sky, almost white beaches, different islands, kitchen, culture. There is so many to see that you have to already plan the return yacht charter next free time. Caribbean yacht charter can make you feel like a pirate from a movie. Everyone knows that Caribbean were full of pirates, rum and great fun. Caribbean yacht charter will be the journey of your life.


Work on a yacht- Hard work or working vacation?Facts vs rumors

Working on a yacht is for some NBA Jerseys Cheap people amazing and it’s mean a big amount of money and adventure. Unfortunatly nothing like that. Working on a yacht is hard working no matter what’s your position on board: stewardess, deckhand, chef, engineer, or captain. For the owner of yacht you are just a servant. You have to serve the owner, his (or her) family and friends and other guests. But for another people working on yachts is a true privilege. For them it’s an wonderful life full of challenges. The most important rule for those who are working on yacht is nothing worthwhile comes without work and sacrifice.

<span style="font-family: 'Times New Fake Oakleys Roman’, serif;”>Working on yacht cheap oakleys it’s not easy money. Working on yachts is awsome without any doubt about it. But also is meaning lots of Wholesale NFL Jerseys hard work, hours of stress, small living quarters and not often time off. I think that working on yachts is great job helping travel all over the world, knowing interesting people and learning as much as possible(languages, first aid, how to sail) for many young people. In this cheap jerseys kind of job experience even a little bit is needed to get a job on board because there are tons of kids interested in get that work. Even getting a first job can take 4 months to get.

Generally boys starts on deck and girls interior. There are 3 types of work on board. One when you have guests on board, second when you are moving the yacht to another location and the last where there are no guests onboard and проституток you have time to do all the big jobs. For this job you get money, you can travelling an seeing the most beautiful places in world(Monaco, Caribbean, Cannes, Antibes and other).


Work on a yacht- Are you using this checklist to get your first job on a Luxury yacht?

What is checklist? A checklist is helping us to reduce failure and to ensure us that important items are not forgotten. Some kind of checklist is the „to do list”. More advanced is for example a schedule(there tasks are according to time of day). The checklist is needed to cheap oakleys determine why I want to get a job on a yacht, what I need to do to get this job, when I can start on.

First of all you need to find an STCW Course, because it’s the basic cheap ray bans safety course for every seaman. This course consiste of Elementary First Aid(EFA), Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF), Personal Survival Techniques (PST), Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR). It can take even a 15 days program.

Professional yachting is not the same thing as recreational boating. First of all you neede to know which position is for you to start in: deckhand, stewardess, engineer, chef, sous chef, captain. wholesale jerseys Then you schould compare your resume to these ones seeing online. Next you have to print as many business cards as you can(about 100) with your „head-shot” picture and cheap oakleys cell new phone number. Also you can’t forget about getting a passport with as many pages as possible.

You have to dub over all your life details at home, because nothing can disturb you from your job. Then you better pack into 2 bags and don’t forget about your cell phone, because is needed to contact with you. Now you can arrive at the airport, after fly take a taxi to a crew house and check in for a week. You schould interview with the captain in a very professional manner. You have to learn in your first job as much as possible to build confidence.

<img cheap mlb jerseys data-attachment-id=”67″ data-permalink=”” data-orig-file=”″ data-orig-size=”1600,1067″ data-comments-opened=”1″ data-image-meta=”{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}” data-image-title=”8473496887_8dab52ef0e_h” data-image-description=”” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-67″ src=”″ alt=”8473496887_8dab52ef0e_h” srcset=” 1024w, 300w, 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 860px) 100vw, 860px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Enjoy Life As the Rich and the Famous With Luxury Yacht Charter

We all are looking for trouble-free vacation with time for relaxation and nice place to go. But you can select an option like vacation in a luxury yacht charter. Your luxury yacht charter offers a lot of possibilities. You can see the great places, you can feel like a movie star(they are relaxing on a luxury yacht). Everyone knows that celebrities Bundesvorstand love superyachts! There are a lot cheap oakleys of famous people who rest on cheap oakley sunglasses a luxury yacht(like Hayden Panettiere, Kim Kardashian, even Tiger Woods). Celebrities loves yachts because they provide privacy, calm and rest from other people.

Summer means that the celebrity actors, musicians, rock stars, cheap ray bans fashion designers, entertainers, models and business people and other the rich and famous are going to their beautiful luxury yachts and they spend a lot of time in Europe. Yachts helps them to avoid the paparazzi(if they want to). Celebrities enjoy the pleasures of luxury yachts. During luxury yacht charter you can sunbathing, swimming or diving. Luxury Cheap Football Jerseys motor yacht has decks which are superb for activities, sunbathing, dinning and general relaxation.

Luxury yacht charter allow you to taste high-quality life style, show you wonderful world of cultural and natural resources. Thanks to the large variety of custom jerseys luxury charter yachts everyone can feel for a moment like a celebrity. Everyone are able to find the most suitable motor yacht, sailing yacht, superyacht, catamaran, gulet or a super-luxurious mega yacht. There’s chance for every of us that we can be afford luxury yacht charter to enjoy life as the rich and the famous.


Monaco Yachts

For almost everyone Monaco yachts means luxury and royal. And so are the yachts of Monaco. Monaco maybe is the world’s second smallest country in fake oakleys land area, but it hosts every year in late September the world’s largest annual yacht show. The yachts from Monaco have length from 30m – 165m. The yachts have names like Titan, Excellence V, Mon plaisir, 4you, Orient star and other. Also they are building in Monaco. The company SuperYachtsMonaco provides skilled consultancy and project management. Anyway there’s a time when yacht enthusiasts and the world’s super-rich are going to Monaco for an annual OS trade show that celebrates the world’s newest, biggest and most luxurious superyachts. They all bring together in historic Port Hercule.

Some of the yachts are over 325 feet in length. It may take several years to deliver the build yacht. Yachts are using by all this famous people which we know from TV and movies. They like cheap nhl jerseys to spend free time on a luxury yacht which provide them privacy Wholesale NFL Jerseys and can take wherever they want without disturbing. The Monaco Yacht Show exhibits 500 world leading luxury yachting companies like brokerage houses, yacht designers, superyacht builders or yachting federations and associations. Last year The Monaco Yacht Show presented 500 major yachting companies showcasing and over 80 events.

<img data-attachment-id="47" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="2048,1365" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="9547493141_73cc293261_k (1)" data-image-description="" wholesale Jerseys data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-47″ src=”″ alt=”9547493141_73cc293261_k (1)” srcset=” 1024w, 300w, 1720w” sizes=”(max-width: 860px) 100vw, 860px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

There were more than 115 exquisite superyachts exhibited and a further 100+ yachts anchored around the bay (for both sale and viewing). Many custom jerseys people charter a yacht in the Cote d’Azur to involve themselves in the excitement of Monaco. The Monaco Yacht Show is the largest floating luxury yacht display in Europe of super and megayachts.

Planning a yacht party – tips

Travelling to a distant, picturesque places – an amazing experience. If we do not have a boat we may rent it. This is called a chartering. Many people around the whole world charter a yacht. This hockey jerseys is a common practise. Besides, there are companies organising trips to a distant places on yachts. But what should ray bans ale be taken into account when planning such travel. What is worth of noticing. This is a matter of concern.

First of all we should determine how many guests will go with us. Knowing the number of guests, their needs and desires will help you to plan the trip further. The yacht<span custom jerseys lang=”en-GB”> should be properly equipped to fulfil their demands. Then we should think why do we want to travel. Do we want to commemorate something or is this our wedding trip, corporate meeting, etc. The next step 국민주택기금 is to plan the date. In many parts of the world the weather and environment may vary depending on season. Besides, the date should be suitable for everyone. Another important thing is to know when do we want to travel<span cheap jerseys lang=”en-GB”>. Cheap NFL Jerseys The proper selection of place is a crucial thing. Our yacht should be properly fitted for a our trip. After determining the amount of guests, kind of travel, date and destination we may focus on other things. Since our travel will last some time it is good to prepare proper food. It is good to hire a proper food planner. Then all we have to do it so choose the proper band or DJ for our travel.

If you want to give yourself unusual experience you should charter a yacht and prepare yourself carefully. Take into account our guides and you will be satisfied. Enjoy.


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