Sailing in a Leaking Yacht on the Tasman Sea to New Zealand 

There are always situations that we cannot predict and we have to be creative in order to… survive. Why am I so dramatic? wholesale jerseys The answer is simple. If you encounter a serious problem during your yacht trip, you will have to react instantly and find a plausible solution as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can drown in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, if you would like to have a good time while travelling throughout the waters of the Tasman Sea, you’d better deal with all the leaks that occur in your boat.

Crossing the ditch

<p them align=”JUSTIFY”>Sailing through the Tasman sea has some interesting history. The name comes from Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman, who was the first known European citizen to travel to the shores of New Zealand. In Australian and New Zealand English Fake Oakleys the Tasman Sea is known as the Ditch, and sailing throughout this area is commonly referred as “crossing the ditch”. Such trip is quite a challenge for sailors Cheap Jerseys so be prepared for an adventure with some difficulties.

Destination: New Zealand

<span Wholesale NFL Jerseys style=”color: #000000;”>New Zealand is a beautiful, distant region, isolated by Tasman Sea to the west and Pacific Ocean to the east. The coastline of this country is simply stunning with its custom jerseys magnificent fjords and breathtaking beaches. However, travelling through the Tasman Sea can be a little dangerous and some problems, like leaking for example, might occur. If this is the case, follow the right procedures to prevent more serious damage, and remember to check all the leaking areas while mooring in the destination port.

Yacht transporting

There are many business which are taking care about yacht transporting. Their specialty is in international and domestic yacht transport such kind of boats like pleasure yachts, watercraft, oversized workboats, patrol boats, boats, sailboats and other. They are able to transport your yacht wherever you want. They use various methods of transportation. You have to remember to prepare your boat to transport. During that you have to secure everything. You should secure hatches with tape to avoid leaks and latch all cabin windows. You must be sure that voyage insurance is adequately protecting your vessel. You have to inform the yacht transportation company of your boat’s specs in advance. Measurements must be accurate because they are allocating space for your boat using your information. You should already take pictures of damages which exists. You also should remove all personal stuffs and store any breakables in a safe place.

You have to remove and store the windshields, next you should empty all fuel and water tanks. Your boat must be as light as possible. You should remember about removing anchor from the deck, drain plugs from the hull. You have also possibility to sanitize your tanks with a chlorine bleach solution. You have to power everything down. You have to bring original registry and boat keys. Sails should be removed and protected with covers. The transporting can be done to every destination we want. They will take your boat to a port where you want to. The port destination can be in Africa, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Far east and India, Mexico, Middle East, North America, Pacific, South America.


Green Sailing

Sailing is beautiful Cheap Football Jerseys sport ray ban outlet where sailor use the force of the wind on the sails to move on. There is no pollution, no disturbing to nature. Sailing is enjoyed as a recreational activity or a sport. Sailing was useful in the development of civilization because helps with mobility. You have to learn how to sail because no sailboat can sail directly into the wind. There ray ban sunglasses are some principal to obey like close haul where the minimum angle to the wind that the boat and its rig can manage about 45 °, close reach means between close hauled and a custom jerseys beam reach. Next is beam reach approximately 90° to the wind, then broad reach means between a beam reach and running and last Fake Oakleys running need to be close to directly downwind.

You should maintaining a course relative to the wind that suits the sails once trimmed. Sailing without engine is considered as art of living and it is need to have license to sail on yachts. There are different sailing techniques. These sailing techniques are trim, tacking and jibing, reducing sail, sail aris trimming, hull trim, heeling. There are some boats which can capture energy from the wind in a different fashion and use for itself without damage to the environment. This boat is like the windmill boat where it use a large windmill to extract energy from the wind then a propeller convert this energy to forward motion of the hull. There exists more similar ideas which are going to not destroy the environment but helps to use natural power to start the engine. Sailing without modern and danger to nature elements is very fashionable and now on top.


Planning a Caribbean Yacht Charter

Caribbean yacht charter should be the adventure of your life and that is why you have to plan this yacht charter with every details. You can choose sailing yacht (monohull or catamaran) or a motor yacht with crew and captain or without if you have license. You can Cheap Jerseys from china choose Caribbean yacht charters which cruising the USVI’s (the US Virgin Islands) or the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations like the Spanish Virgins, the Grenadines, cheap oakleys sunglasses St. Martin, Antigua and the Bahamas. There is a variety of cruising grounds from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean so everyone can find something for cheap nhl jerseys himself. Caribbean is composed from common known islands like St Martin, St Lucia, Martinique, Grenada, Dominica, St Vincent & The Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, British | Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua ray ban sunglasses and Barbuda. Most yacht charters take in several Caribbean islands as a round trip or one way cruise.

Caribbean offers paradise with beaches, islands and anchorages. You can use free time for relax, swimming, diving, fishing Cheap Jerseys or just admire the nature which is unique in the world. Caribbean it is perfect place for sailing yacht charter for everyone. You can enjoy here blue sky, almost white beaches, different islands, kitchen, culture. There is so many to see that you have to already plan the return yacht charter next free time. Caribbean yacht charter can make you feel like a pirate from a movie. Everyone knows that Caribbean were full of pirates, rum and great fun. Caribbean yacht charter will be the journey of your life.


Cruising the British Virgin Islands on a Sailing Yacht Charter

One of the classic Caribbean yacht charter vacation is area of The British Virgin Islands (BVI for short). It is beautiful place for a sailing or motor boat vacation. There are waterside restaurants. On The British Virgin Islands you can do whatever you dream on like sailing, snorkeling. Besides is one of the most noted luxury yacht charter cruising. The British Virgin Islands offers a fake ray bans very wide selection of boats to charter. You can charter superyachts, mega yachts and crewed luxury yachts or just some private yachts, catamarans and others. The British Virgin Islands is Caribbean yachting paradise with beaches, islands and anchorages. The British Virgin Islands is actually around 50 volcanic islands, islets and cays. Here lived the famous pirate Blackbeard who sailed the British Virgin Islands tondeuse and lived at Soper’s Hole between the years of 1715 and 1718.

The British Virgin Islands are for these people who are looking for calm, tranquil sailing or deserted bays. The largest of the British Virgin Islands is the island of Tortola, but popular are also the islands of Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke(offers several places to enjoy fresh seafood). They all offers well-equipped harbours, great anchorages and incredibly beautiful beaches.
The British Virgin Islands offers crystal clear waters, constant trade winds so it fake oakleys is perfect place to sail. The British Virgin Islands it cheap ray bans is perfect place Cheap NFL Jerseys for
sailing yacht charter for everyone. It can be journey of your life. There wholesale nfl jerseys is no other place like the British Virgin Islands so you should see and enjoy it.


Yacht Transporting

Do you need a fast and efficient way of the yacht transporting? Do you want have sure that everything will be done perfectly during the transporting? You can find a lot of transporting firms on the Web, in the press and other sources.

Below we publish some tips and good advices for you. oakley outlet How should you organise the yacht transporting? With us you can do it!

  1. Prepare you yacht for the oakley outlet transporting. Take out all the things you can bring without solid effort. fake oakleys The trailer with yacht must be very stable. Secure all the elements which are out the yacht trunk. Close all the flaps, doors and windows. Turn off all the electric devices.

  2. Check all the yacht parametres. You Cheap Jerseys must have sure that the parametres by the producer are adequate with real parametres. The length you count from the prow ending to the middle of the stern. The height from the bilge to the heighest irremovable element. The width in the widthness part of the yacht.

  3. Find the adequate truck. It should be well-fitting to the yacht’s weight. If you want to have a long cruise, you will add minimum 250 kg for the weight. You must also check a car.

  4. Settle all the formalities. Why must you be nervous about the problems with documents and other official requirements? Do you Cheap Jerseys know the traffic regulations respectin the yacht transporting? The driver with Lettuce the driving license B category can’t drive a car with the weight more than 3,5 tone. Altought in the case when the trailer leighter than 750 kg is, can you add for it even 3500 kg.

This is the main rules for the yacht transporting. And after this you can go on see.


The Unique Benefits of Motor Yacht Charters

Motor yachts are big and powerful machines. They have powerful engines allowing them to swim for a long distances with a big several speed. Besides, yachts provide accommodation for a group of people. cheap oakleys Over ten people may be on board. They will have an access to many facilities and amenities. Like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, toilets, CD and DVD players, boilers, etc. Yacht may be bought, build or chartered.

<span ray bans sale lang=”en-GB”>Chartering a yacht cheap oakleys have some advantages. First of all, we don’t need to buy a yacht. We are simply lending it for some time. There is a lot of yacht charterers. They will provide us with a proper yacht, crew and help us with organising a trip. If we want to travel to particular place or charter a yacht for special event, Fake Oakleys these companies will help us. The professional and experienced crew will take care of our ship. And ourselves too. All we have to do is to enjoy our journey.

So, why to charter a yacht? For various reasons. We will only lend it – not own. The renowned companies will help us to prepare our journey. The professional crew will operate and navigate the yacht. Do you want to spend your holidays in the Bahamas? No problem. Just charter a yacht and enjoy. All you have to do is to visit distant and unique parts of our globe. You may see marvellous and picturesque landscapes, focus on sightseeing, etc.

Chartering a yacht is a glorious choice. You may spend your leisure time in a oakley outlet unique way. Besides, you may take your family and friends. And others will arrange everything.


Sit Back and Relax on a Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation

Do you want to have unusual holiday? Do you want to sail to a distant parts of a world? Or you want your vacation to be unique? There is a solution – you should charter a yacht. Yachts are awesome <span hockey jerseys style=”font-size: small;”>boats capable of accommodating even ten people on board. Besides, they may swim for many months.

Yacht can provide accommodation for the whole family. Friends may be taken on board too. You may see a lot of facilities like toilets, kitchens, bedrooms, CD and DVD players, TV sets on board. And that’s not all. But what if we don’t have much of experience in operating a yacht<span style="font-size: Service small;”>? We want simply to spend our leisure time. All we have to do is to hire a crew. Yacht charters usually provide the crew as well.

<span ray bans sale style=”font-size: small;”>We need stewards on board. They will take care of our comfort and safety. Some number of deckhands is needed too. They help in various actions needed to run a ship. Besides, they may also take care for our safety. The nurse or medic would be helpful. They will provide medical service if needed. Just for any case. The Captain of our yacht will manage it. In general, the crew is needed to operate, navigate our yacht and to Wholesale NFL Jerseys perform small jobs on board.

The experienced and properly skilled crew is essential. They will cheap nfl jerseys help us with managing our yacht and allow us to rest. With professional crew all we have to do is to enjoy our cruise. We should focus on making photos and sightseeing. The companies chartering yachts will provide us with a crew. But we can hire it too. Depending on our expectations.


cheap ray bans

Work on a yacht- Hard work or working vacation?Facts vs rumors

Working on a yacht is for some NBA Jerseys Cheap people amazing and it’s mean a big amount of money and adventure. Unfortunatly nothing like that. Working on a yacht is hard working no matter what’s your position on board: stewardess, deckhand, chef, engineer, or captain. For the owner of yacht you are just a servant. You have to serve the owner, his (or her) family and friends and other guests. But for another people working on yachts is a true privilege. For them it’s an wonderful life full of challenges. The most important rule for those who are working on yacht is nothing worthwhile comes without work and sacrifice.

<span style="font-family: 'Times New Fake Oakleys Roman’, serif;”>Working on yacht cheap oakleys it’s not easy money. Working on yachts is awsome without any doubt about it. But also is meaning lots of Wholesale NFL Jerseys hard work, hours of stress, small living quarters and not often time off. I think that working on yachts is great job helping travel all over the world, knowing interesting people and learning as much as possible(languages, first aid, how to sail) for many young people. In this cheap jerseys kind of job experience even a little bit is needed to get a job on board because there are tons of kids interested in get that work. Even getting a first job can take 4 months to get.

Generally boys starts on deck and girls interior. There are 3 types of work on board. One when you have guests on board, second when you are moving the yacht to another location and the last where there are no guests onboard and проституток you have time to do all the big jobs. For this job you get money, you can travelling an seeing the most beautiful places in world(Monaco, Caribbean, Cannes, Antibes and other).


Work on a yacht- Are you using this checklist to get your first job on a Luxury yacht?

What is checklist? A checklist is helping us to reduce failure and to ensure us that important items are not forgotten. Some kind of checklist is the „to do list”. More advanced is for example a schedule(there tasks are according to time of day). The checklist is needed to cheap oakleys determine why I want to get a job on a yacht, what I need to do to get this job, when I can start on.

First of all you need to find an STCW Course, because it’s the basic cheap ray bans safety course for every seaman. This course consiste of Elementary First Aid(EFA), Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF), Personal Survival Techniques (PST), Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR). It can take even a 15 days program.

Professional yachting is not the same thing as recreational boating. First of all you neede to know which position is for you to start in: deckhand, stewardess, engineer, chef, sous chef, captain. wholesale jerseys Then you schould compare your resume to these ones seeing online. Next you have to print as many business cards as you can(about 100) with your „head-shot” picture and cheap oakleys cell new phone number. Also you can’t forget about getting a passport with as many pages as possible.

You have to dub over all your life details at home, because nothing can disturb you from your job. Then you better pack into 2 bags and don’t forget about your cell phone, because is needed to contact with you. Now you can arrive at the airport, after fly take a taxi to a crew house and check in for a week. You schould interview with the captain in a very professional manner. You have to learn in your first job as much as possible to build confidence.

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