Yacht Charter Weddings and Honeymoons Virgin Islands

Are you looking for a unforgettable scenario for your wedding? Do you want to spend the most important day of your life in picturesque scenery? Or you are just married, young couple who are looking for the greatest adventure of all time? If you look for such experience, choose the yacht charter on Virgin Islands!

Wedding in paradise

If you are about to live the most important day of your life and you wish it to be the most unique and perfect experience, don’t waste your time and plan your wedding ceremony on the yacht. There is such option while choosing a proper yacht charter. You can rent a big, luxury, crewed boat with enough room for your guests. You can also organize everything from the ceremony, to catering and the party with DJ playing music on the deck of your yacht. Than you can take your guests on the trip around the paradise – Virgin Islands.

The best honeymoon on the planet

If you are just after the wedding and you are planning the voyage of your life, Virgin Islands is the perfect destination. Yacht charter for honeymoons in this area is a popular option for young couples. There are almost 60 islands, most of them sparsely populated, waiting to be discovered by young sailors. You can travel to The Baths of Virgin Gorda, with its impressive collection of granite boulders or the Devil’s Bay that can be reached by climbing these boulders. When you want to chill out and rest, you can do it on one of the golden, sandy beaches and then jump into the azure and sparkling waters surrounding the islands.

Experience the Adventures of the Maldives With a Super Yacht Charter

Have you ever dreamt of sailing on a huge super yacht in some distant, remote and amazing region of the world? How about a yacht charter in the Maldives? This paradise-like, island country, located southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea is a place where you will find peace of mind and have the occasion to admire landscapes of unspoken beauty.

Perfect destination for winter charters

If your country is encountering usual problems connected with the winter season and you can afford short vacation of your dreams, Maldives would be a perfect place to visit and escape from this black-and-white reality. It is one of the world’s most famous winter destinations, where you can leave your everyday routine behind, rent a yacht and set sail throughout marvelous landscapes that this archipelago has to offer.

Sailing in paradise

Maldives are one of the most picturesque places on earth. This island country is made of over 26 big coral atolls which contain over 1,100 beautiful islands just waiting to be discovered by adventurous sailors like you. There are dozens of islands not inhabited by humans, where you can admire the natural beauty of the amazing coral reefs, sparkling waters, golden beaches and outstanding lagoons.

Male – the capital city of Maldvies

After all that, you can visit highly civilized and modern island of Motu, where the country’s capital – Male – is located. This bustling and lively city has everything you need for entertainment including shops, restaurants and many more.

Charter a Yacht in Greece and Sail Around the Greek Islands

Greece is a beautiful and colorful country with very warm-hearted and open-minded people. The trip to this unique, southern country is not only looking at breathtaking landscapes, but also tasting delicious local cuisine and getting to know the rich cultural heritage. If you would like to live an ultimate sailing experience, choose a yacht charter around the amazing Greek islands.

Cyclades Islands

If you are looking for a traditional Greek experience rent a yacht in the Cyclades Islands. This archipelago takes its name from the fact, that all the islands form a big circle. There are some key locations that you will have to visit during your trip such as:

  • Mykonos with its world-famous windmills

  • Paros where you can taste local wine and cuisine

  • Volcanic island Santorini

  • Capital of the Cyclades – Syros

During your yacht trip you will admire the classic white-and-blue houses along the coast, sparkling waters and sandy, paradise-like beaches.

Ionian Islands

This archipelago is not the area that can be immediately associated with Greek culture. You won’t see any white houses with blue-tiled roofs and other characteristic elements of typical Greek architecture. The reason for this is that these Islands were under Venetian government for a significant period of time and their influence can be seen everywhere. When you will choose a yacht charter around these islands you will have the chance to admire the picturesque coastlines of Zakynthos, Corfu and Cephalonia with their beautiful bays and azure waters.

Sailing in a Leaking Yacht on the Tasman Sea to New Zealand 

There are always situations that we cannot predict and we have to be creative in order to… survive. Why am I so dramatic? wholesale jerseys The answer is simple. If you encounter a serious problem during your yacht trip, you will have to react instantly and find a plausible solution as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can drown in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, if you would like to have a good time while travelling throughout the waters of the Tasman Sea, you’d better deal with all the leaks that occur in your boat.

Crossing the ditch

<p them align=”JUSTIFY”>Sailing through the Tasman sea has some interesting history. The name comes from Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman, who was the first known European citizen to travel to the shores of New Zealand. In Australian and New Zealand English Fake Oakleys the Tasman Sea is known as the Ditch, and sailing throughout this area is commonly referred as “crossing the ditch”. Such trip is quite a challenge for sailors Cheap Jerseys so be prepared for an adventure with some difficulties.

Destination: New Zealand

<span Wholesale NFL Jerseys style=”color: #000000;”>New Zealand is a beautiful, distant region, isolated by Tasman Sea to the west and Pacific Ocean to the east. The coastline of this country is simply stunning with its custom jerseys magnificent fjords and breathtaking beaches. However, travelling through the Tasman Sea can be a little dangerous and some problems, like leaking for example, might occur. If this is the case, follow the right procedures to prevent more serious damage, and remember to check all the leaking areas while mooring in the destination port.