Work on a yacht- Are you using this checklist to get your first job on a Luxury yacht?

What is checklist? A checklist is helping us to reduce failure and to ensure us that important items are not forgotten. Some kind of checklist is the „to do list”. More advanced is for example a schedule(there tasks are according to time of day). The checklist is needed to cheap oakleys determine why I want to get a job on a yacht, what I need to do to get this job, when I can start on.

First of all you need to find an STCW Course, because it’s the basic cheap ray bans safety course for every seaman. This course consiste of Elementary First Aid(EFA), Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF), Personal Survival Techniques (PST), Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR). It can take even a 15 days program.

Professional yachting is not the same thing as recreational boating. First of all you neede to know which position is for you to start in: deckhand, stewardess, engineer, chef, sous chef, captain. wholesale jerseys Then you schould compare your resume to these ones seeing online. Next you have to print as many business cards as you can(about 100) with your „head-shot” picture and cheap oakleys cell new phone number. Also you can’t forget about getting a passport with as many pages as possible.

You have to dub over all your life details at home, because nothing can disturb you from your job. Then you better pack into 2 bags and don’t forget about your cell phone, because is needed to contact with you. Now you can arrive at the airport, after fly take a taxi to a crew house and check in for a week. You schould interview with the captain in a very professional manner. You have to learn in your first job as much as possible to build confidence.

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Learn How to Sail – Basic Sailing Terminology For the Beginner Sailor 

Every sailor has to know basic terms connected with boating. It will be helpful to know at least the elementary words from the sailor’s jargon, in order to avoid misunderstandings and to improve communication during the cruise. Here are some phrases and names to start with:

  • Aft or stern means simply the back of the boat

  • Bow is the front of the ship. It is important to know where the bow is as it is crucial to distinguish two other terms

  • Port cheap authentic jerseys is a left side of the boat when you are looking at cheap oakleys the bow

  • Starboard is the right side of the boat when you are facing the bow

  • Leeward or lee means to sail against the wind

  • Windward is sailing in the same direction which the wind blows

  • Boom is a horizontal part of the mast, adjusting of which helps us to use the power of the wind in the Cheap Football Jerseys most efficient way
  • Rudder is attached to the bottom of the boat and it is used to steer the boat either by the wheel (in bigger boats) or a device located at the aft (in smaller boats)
  • Tacking and jibing are basic maneuvers while sailing the boat. It is nothing more than turning the boat to catch cheap oakleys the right wind

These are the terms that you have to know cheap jerseys by heart and you need to use them every time you are on the boat. It is vital, since in some situations, using everyday words might be confusing. Especially words ‘left’ and ‘right’ might be misleading, because of constant tacking and jibing, so telling ‘port’ or “starboard” will be more appropriate.


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